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Rendetta Inc.is one of the leading companies that manufacture the computing hardware, easily rivaling many other South Korean corporations in the field.

James Leew is an acting chairman of the company, becoming a CEO of Rendetta® Corp back in 1991. This industry leader led by him is a  global provider of visual display products on a scale to reckon with. Originally coming from Taiwan, Leew has been a prominent salesman for the company, filling a number of various  sales related positions before immigrating to the United States in 1986 to become president of U.S. operations for a Taiwanese keyboard manufacturer. In 1987, Leew launched Keypoint Technology Corporation, a distribution company specializing in computer peripherals, such as power supplies.

These are:
  • Design or Visual Looks;
  • Functionality;
  • Easy Installation and Administering;
  • Google-friendliness;
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